Global Unity

An Opportunity of a Lifetime...

If you had $2,000 where you put it? Most people put their money in a bank. Well after one year, what would be your net gain by placing your money in a bank. You could expect to see anywhere from $10 to $100 over the next 12 months. If the Kingdom Group could show you how to take that same $2,000 and achieve $300 to $400 a month, would be interested in finding out how we do it? We are pretty sure you would. The person that invited you here could share with you our secret.

Global Unity and ToPacific, Inc. is about to set financial history with the introduction of the Kingdom Card. A new international currency is being created. This is ONE currency for the world.

Currently we have paper and plastic money. Before that there was coins, gold and silver. Many years ago bartering was used to make purchases. Clothing, crops, animals and personal belongings were used to acquire items. 

Things are about to change once again. The Kingdom Card will compete with Visa, MasterCard and American Express by introducing it's own branding and currency. You have the opportunity to be at the beginning of this new currency revolution. It's about time that we the people take charge and control our financial destiny.

Global Unity also has 7 plans for you to earn income. There is no referring required to earn. Three of the plans provide you with the opportunity to build a team of like minded individuals. This is a great program for entrepreneurs.

Each week the Kingdom Group holds live webinars and meetings. Please go to our EVENTS page to get all the details.